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Friday, October 10, 2008

She's perfect

My wife is perfect. So sweet, so loving. She makes my day every day, and knows how to throw one mean party. She threw me a surprise party last night for my birthday. All the best people and friends were there (except those who live too far distant), and I couldn't stop smiling. She had baked a delicious completely homemade ginger carrot cake, made chocolate cupcakes and had snacks and licorice galore. She knows how I like it.

Amy, I love you. Thanks for making my days perfect.

the party group


bandini said...


Amy Beatty said...

Matt, you are too kind with your words. I try and do special things for you because you are such a amazing person and I feel so blessed and lucky to have you. And then when you write things like this I know how much I don't deserve you. I couldn't throw you enough party's to show you how much I love you.

Bennett Rossell said...

Thanks for having us over!

Adie B said...

luck duck

Momma said...

Amy is a sweetheart and you two are perfect for each other. What an awesome party she gave for you. That ginger carrot cake sounds divine! I want the recipe! I love you Amy, thanks for taking such good care of my precious Mattie,