The death of a moon cowboy

I am a somewhat-youth with ideas and thoughts and too many dreams that sometimes overflow as these little dribblings from my fingertips. I guess you can try to collect and capture them.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

It was in the 84th story

They staged the accident to look as if someone else had done it, the truck over the body and such.

In our escape, we made our way to the large manufacturing building, with its enigmatic energy and mysterious purposes. We watched in hiding as the claw operator out front opened the three massive steel drawers at the top of the entranceway. The uppermost was special, as the claw had to maneuver inside the drawer and grasp a second handle, thus opening the passage into the building within.

We somehow made out way inside, and found ourselves at a dead end, in a small room that pulsed periodically with electromagnetic charges, a veritable death chamber. It was only by luck and honest backtracking that we were able to escape it unharmed. As we fled, small malleable balls of a clay-like substance flooded the floors and coalesced into one larger ball. We stood stupified, unable to comprehend exactly the meaning of what was going on.

Contemplating our fate, I discovered a hidden ladderway behind us, that led upward, a double-layered ladder, into the seemingly unknown. What choice did we have but to take it... We all knew the building was 84 stories tall, that was no secret to us. It was to be a long climb.

At once exhausted yet still exhilirated, we finally were ousted into a lit room, strange and filled with stacked maroon chairs. It seemed to be a side room left from a church; it had burlap walls and was filled with a smoky haze created by the sunlight interacting with meandering dust. The meaning was beyond us. As we scrambled down, we kept together and walked slowly. A dark room off to one wall held laundry machines and dryers, one of which was in use. Throbbing reddish light spontaneously burst into luminescence and then faded away. The laundry machine in use sputtered and turned and clanked. It meant nothing to me.

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