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I am a somewhat-youth with ideas and thoughts and too many dreams that sometimes overflow as these little dribblings from my fingertips. I guess you can try to collect and capture them.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The weird Wes Anderson-themed dream

I opened a bag of sunchips that mom had bought at a grocery store in some town I didn't recognize. She had her grocery bags all hung out on her car; she said that it was quicker that way because she could just set it up first and then bring out the shopping cart and fill them all up. But she chastised me for opening and eating the sunchips, because the bag was apparently for the bishopric. I told her I would go in and buy her a new bag (even though I hadn't eaten the first).


At a house that Amy's aunt Debrah owned: She had built this massive waterpark virtually in her own backyard. Joey was already there; he jumped off the second or third level and into a big pool. So I went up there to join him, but there was a huge line and gathering of not-the-most-savory of people. There were some African-Americans who wanted to jump me but then said to each other--"no n_g_e_s" (fill in the blanks yourselves, and note: I'm not racist at all, I'm just tellin it like it was). There were some younger boys who jumped in tandem. Satya was there too and for some reason he jumped naked, however his jump was weak and he seemed to be lacking the correct set of genitalia. Weird. But I wanted to use the diving board like some of the others--it looked the most fun.

Then there was a Bill Murray part--where we must have been in some Wes Anderson film--he was wearing a huge robe with some insignia on it and he wanted to jump in. Finally he disrobed and jumped in, but under the robe he had huge manboobs and was a lot bigger than he normally seems. But he jumped in anyway. Then there were all these weird glove/hand type things that were trying to steal a bottle of lotion that Bill had been carrying. I jumped in and wrestled with them. Bill just disappeared, but at the end I barely made off with the lotion by trying to sneak it down my own sleeve (I was wearing sleeves?)--the trick didn't work very well but somehow I got it anyway.

There was another part to this story where there were two girls who were attractive and one apparently was a Gwyneth-Paltrow-in-The-Royal-Tenenbaums type (there's a Wes Anderson theme here), but she knew she was hot and always wanted other guys to like her. Even though Amy was with me she was trying to play her moves on me--I attempted to avoid her, but she would just do all this weird stuff, and then I realized it all in the end that she was mostly making fun of me. But she really did like me or want my affection, even though she though I was geeky. The end.


Heather said...

the first paragraph of this made me pretty much laugh so hard i cried. iwant to try mom's idea! then all the weird male body stuff and the weird glove hand things (were they in the pool) and the way you sort of protected bill murray even though he didn't care by getting his "lotion?" back...brilliant. i adore this story dream.

Heather said...

btw, i love that this particular dream is the "weird" one, since the flood one and so forth aren't strange at all...