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Friday, October 07, 2005

I breathe incense smoke

Yeah, so it goes without saying that I write less when times become busier. It just seems that lately, what with moving and school and work and all that business, I have allowed myself to sink deeply into the mindset of "I have no time". Not that it's necessarily the truth...

Saturday we cleaned nearly all day long and finished moving the rest of our things to our new house. My CDs were the largest portion, but they fit well into the boxes we had and now they sit unattended in an unlocked double-garage door facade. I miss them so. But I just found out yesterday that all our incessant cleaning was well worth it as we'll be getting all of our possible deposit back (700.00-ish? - not sure yet).

Sunday was a tad insane with dinner at Dad's and Heather came and our two sweet-appearing but ferocious children ravaged the birdcage and made their presence undoubtedly known.

But Joey came into town late late Monday nite as I was hacking away at my hair for more than hour; Martin and Joey arrived in a fairly literal whirlwind. After my beautiful haircut, I was awake and charged until about 2:30, when I fell asleep to the glow of an Energizer flashlite while reading.

Tuesday was attempt #3 for our group to present to the Communications class. With minimal preparation on my part, I went into it warily but we performed quite well and received a B+. That nite, Mom made the most massive batch of delectable pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, with a helping of applesauce to appease the health-conscience, and I've been feasting on them ever since. There are still plenty left. I also sampled some of my favorite fudge, pumpkin pie, and divinity from the Fudge Factory, which Heather and Joey so thankfully brought home in extra portions.

Wednesday we all met up around, oh say 6:00 or so, at Target and then Chipotle, to have a farewell meal with Joey and Martin and the favored corporately-owned Mexican-style restaurant, of which there are none in the immediate Santa Cruz vicinity. After destroying the outer patio area with our remains (thanks in part to again, the lovely dynamic duo of Jarom and Bella - whom I love wholeheartedly and deeply and would never even imagine changing), the few of us went over to Dimple. I got a great cd on Joey's (and others') recommendation: Iron and Wine's Our Endless Numbered Days. His voice is whispered, his music is toned down and simple yet intricate, mostly acoustic. It is great, it's the kind of thing that would appeal to Amy and Mom and myself, to many atmospheres of peace and serenity and driving and so on. I also got the new Jimmy Eat World EP (average) and a wonderful alphabet cd by the quirky indie stalwarts They Might Be Giants, who I adore for being able to put out children-themed music yet also music that is not necessarily targeting any specific demographic.

And Thursday I had the nite of late nite schooling, a perhaps decent rough draft of an essay addressing a distrust of sexes, and... that's about it.

Next week I get to prepare for an informative speech on a country. What shall I pick (I've been thinking this over)... Serbia and Montenegro? Ivory Coast? Saudi Arabia? I can't decide, though I will soon.

Days of change are a-comin', and I don't much feel like a-movin'
Though I've made my way before, my mind's now disapprovin'
But with shoulders back, head high, smilin'
I'll just keep goin' about what I'm doin'
And I'll be hopin' the sun keeps a-shinin'
And the winds keeps a-howlin' and breezin'
For tonite I'll watch the sky with my eyes closed
And I'll ne'er find a prettier Friday evenin'

Audio: Our Endless Numbered Days|Iron and Wine
Video: Madagascar [2005|Eric Darnell/Tom McGrath]
Text: The Great Gatsby|F. Scott Fitzgerald

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moonshinejunkyard said...

mattie you are so busy and still manage to live such an admirable life! i'm excited to hear what country you pick, the ones you mention are so, um.... weird. i didn't get to watch the movie you let me borrow last night because me and darin got in a big dumb fight over nothing and were in bad moods. are you and amy ALWAYS romantic to each other? i never really see you guys get straight out grumpy toward one another, do you? somehow when you know someone's weak points it is so easy to annoy them or provoke them. anyway, hope you have a great wednesday. keep writing!